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General information


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, they are.


I use a wheelchair. Is it possible for me to come along?

Yes, as long as it is not a heavy electric wheelchair.


Can I park nearby?

Of course! There are plenty of parking facilities at the harbour.


What if the weather is bad?

We set sail even in bad weather. The more wind, the greater the adventure.

Deadliest Catch Texel style! We do not sail in heavy storms however. Is it raining? No problem! Put on your mackintosh and dry yourself by the stove in the galley. Fog or drizzle? Then the Wadden Sea is just at its nicest (and calmest).



On board


Can we sit inside?

Yes you can! Enjoy the heated saloon deck with hot and cold drinks.


Shall we see seals?

No guarantee. The times of low tide are different every day.


What will we catch?

We fish for shrimp. But many other animals turn up in the net as well. Crabs, starfish, gurnards, weevers, flatfish and maybe even a dogfish.


What will we do with our catch?

It goes into containers on deck. In their unique ("Texel") manner, the crew will explain what they have caught today. Fun guaranteed! But also very educational, for young and old. Afterwards, we throw everything back into the water with the help of the children.


And the shrimps?

They’ll go straight into a big cooking pot. The captain will show you how to peel them. Then you can taste them. You’ve never had them this fresh!



Booking and times


How do I make a reservation?

You can book online via our booking system. Book now!.

What are the departure times?

Our online booking system lists the days and times on which we depart..


When do we sail?

From the beginning of April to the beginning of November, Monday to Saturday (10.30 am and 2.00 pm). From the beginning of November to the beginning of April during the holidays only at midday.


How much does it cost?

13 and up: € 20 per Person
Children age 3-12: € 15 per Person
Children age 0-2: free


How long does the trip take?

A trip takes about 2 hours.