Shrimp fishing in the WADDEN SEA

Tripadvisor - 2023 Travelers Choice

Take part in shrimp fishing and discover the most fun activity on Texel

Crab fishing in the Wadden Sea guarantees you a great morning or afternoon full of fun. We depart on a nearly daily basis from the picturesque harbour of Oudeschild for a two-hour boat trip.


Take part in shrimp fishing!

Definitely the best activity on Texel: shrimp fishing. Set sail on a culinary voyage of discovery at the Wadden Sea.



What will we catch?

We fish for shrimps. But there is much more in the net. The staff will enthusiastically explain to you what else has been caught. 


Perfect for kids!

Shrimp fishing is the ideal family outing. Perfect for kids!


Review from Han

Today we went out to sea for the second time with the TX20 shrimp cutter. It was a very interesting day. The weather was great too and the staff on board are very nice and enthusiastic about explaining the different types of marine life. It should be mentioned here that due to my own mistake I had booked the wrong time online, but the staff and the captain allowed us to go on board at no extra cost. Thank you very much for that!

Review from Iris

Incredibly fun experience! Different types of fish get caught and they are all described. Nice explanation of how the shrimps are cooked. And when they are cooked, everyone gets to taste them and can even take some home to eat right away! Definitely highly recommended for everyone!

Review from Joyce

What an experience. Really nice to see how the shrimps are caught. We were there with a teenager and a 5 year old, both loved it. Friendly staff and everything is explained in a nice way.

Review from Alicia

It was a lovely trip out to sea and we learnt a lot about how they fish for shrimps and we saw what the catch was and how it was all sorted. They also told us everything in their own funny way and we really laughed a lot! Highly recommended if you come to Texel!